Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Author Website

Like any other entrepreneur or artist, having a website is a must for writers. Not only does it provide a place where your work can be found, but it also provides an inside look at the person behind the product (book). People are naturally curious about other people, and they will seek you out. Give them someplace to find you.

Some suggest you create a website before you get an offer from a press--advice I didn't listen to. In my defense, I actively social networked and blogged. I made the decision to wait until I signed a contract before creating a website mainly because I had nothing to display--what good is empty webspace?

Once I had a contract in hand, I set out to get my very own site! I was going to get a professional! Woohoo! Reality check. Hiring a web-designer is NOT cheap. It's not even reasonable, in my opinion. Not saying the designers don't deserve or earn every penny they're paid, but let's face it--dishing out a $1000 when you haven't made $1 off what you're promoting is, well, not something I'm willing to do. Especially when there are so many DIY sites out there that are free or close to it. -- what I use

My website might not be a masterpiece, but it's functional, aesthetically pleasing, streamline, and personal. It cost me NOTHING. Zero. Zilch. Yes, that means it was free.

The total amount of money I've dished out for self-promotion is $50, which includes costs for a custom website header and a domain name. --custom headers

I further customized my page by digging up a fabulous background to coordinate with my nifty new header. Free background are everywhere. --where I found mine

Caveat: What I haven't spent in money, I've spent in time. Prepare yourself. DIY stuff doesn't happen fast. And anyone with a computer knows how frustrating those suckers can be. Keep Advil on hand.

Back to the professionals because there is a value in the service they provide. Hiring a GOOD one after you have a load of bestsellers on your resume means your website could look like one of these:

*Sigh* A few more years, a few more books...

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  1. I've created our blogs and websites, too. I used goDaddy. Your are so right about the time and frustratin factors. When Calvin saw me standing over my laptop, red-faced, hyper-ventilating, with my fingers viced around a sledge hammer, he high-tailed it into his den and locked the door. It took me 3 days, 4 Valiums, 2 bottles of wine and half a head of hair before I got his website up. Having said all that, going cheap is good.