Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Author Interview: Lizzie T. Leaf

Award winning author, Lizzie T. Leaf, started life in Kansas, continued her growing years in North Carolina, and currently shivers through the winters in Colorado. She has numerous e-Books of varying lengths and her first print novel, Struck by Lightning, won dual 2007 Beacon awards. Not a bad track record for a gal who came out of the closet with the dream to write after she turned fifty.

Her novellas at Aspen Mountain Press fall into two categories…erotic contemporary or paranormal romance in the DEAD series. She also had her first historical, Making Christmas, through the Aurora Regency line at AMP.

Beyond Magic, released through Passion in Print Press, is the first book in the Magical Love Series.

She also has a monthly column, Leaf’s Legends, debuting February 2011 for Night Owl Reviews Magazine, where she explores the worlds of myths, fantasy and the paranormal.

When not writing, traveling, reading, gardening and family consume her time.

Hi Lizzie! Tell us little about yourself.

Thank you so much for having me, Rhiannon!

Writing is a love I developed as a young girl, but like so many of us, life got in the way and I became distracted with the corporate job and raising a family. When my then husband passed away about twelve years ago, I found myself alone for the first time in my life. Even during a prior divorce, I still had two children to focus on.

Since all my children were adults with families when I faced being a widow, I had plenty of time to think and explore. Reading had continued to be my number one hobby, no matter how business life became and with time alone, the desire to write resurfaced.

Since then, I’ve had numerous novellas published and prior to Beyond Magic, my only other novel, Struck by Lightning, won the Beacon in two categories and was a finalist in several other contests. My family and current husband of seven years are my main supporters and encourage me to branch out into whatever genre I enjoy writing.

When I’m not working, I spendtime with my family, reading, traveling and meeting new people.

In fact, if any of your readers are going to attend Romantic Times 2011 Convention in April, please come up and say hello. Would love to meet you!

You have a new release. How exciting! What can you tell us about Beyond Magic?

Beyond Magic started out as an entirely different book. Originally it was to be the follow up to Struck by Lightning, but the publisher ended up closing down. The book set in my files for a couple of years and then one day I opened it and decided I could use the base,with some changes, to create a new series.

I knew I wanted some of it set in Scotland and the Cailleach idea popped into my head. Take the old crone out of her element of tending the earth and have the Powers direct her to unite lovers.

Of course, there had to be a handsome hero and that led to the creation of Ian McCabe, a cross-blood immortal. With his family gene pool, gods on his father’s side and Fae on his mother’s, he could be nothing short of gorgeous and powerful, even if he wanted to ignore his powers.

The heroine Emma would be a little older, late 30s, and with not exactly the greatest track record in the love relationship department. This makes her a bit insecure and determined to focus on her new career in tourism. She’s developed sort of a ‘who needs men’ attitude.

Between the supporting characters in Emma’s life and the godly/magical ones in Ian’s, there’s humor and major frustration to go with the love connection between the two.

Beyond Magic hit the shelves in January. How has your publishing experience been so far?

This is my first book with Passion in Print Press and I’ve found them very supportive and easy to work with. From the publisher, editor(s) and cover artist…each and every one of them has made me feel valued as an author and as an individual.

Do you have any advice for other authors with new releases?

Promote! Try and think outside the box, too. In today’s market there is a lot of competition for the reader’s attention and sometimes it takes a different approach to get noticed. Brainstorm with your friends and fellow authors if you have problems coming up with ideas, or run some of yours by them to get their feedback.

And while you’re promoting, don’t forget to write. Some days that is a challenge!

Are you working on another writing project now? If so, when can we expect to see your next book?

I’m working on the second book in the Magical Love Series. If my editor had her way she’d have it…tomorrow! But since she has to wait on me, release will probably be late summer/early fall 2011.

Where can we find you on the web?

Where can readers purchase Beyond Magic?

And Beyond Magic can be ordered at your local bookstore if they don’t have in stock.

Thank you so much, Lizzie, for stopping by. Best of luck following your dream!


  1. Rhiannon, thank you for having me. I love meeting new people and you're delightful!