Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rhiannon's Writing Space

3600 square feet of house and not a single space to call my own. My husband has his man cave, and my kids have their bedrooms. My stepdaughter, who doesn't live here but visits, has her own bedroom. I technically have a bathroom that's mine, but it gets used by others. Besides, if I'm going to claim a special space as my own, I don't want it to include a toilet. Just sayin'...

Couple the above information with the fact I spend most of my free time on the computer, and it makes sense that I create Rhiannon's Writing Space, right? I thought so.

I originally planned to get a small, Ikea-style desk with a glass top and squeeze it into a corner somewhere. I'd place a small 'puter on it, maybe a reed diffuser for ambience, and call it mine. You see, I'm terribly cheap. Not because I don't like nice things; I do. Spending large amounts of money (especially on myself) makes me nervous. Which is why I usually tell my husband when I want something expensive because he has the shopping skills of a gold-digging trophy wife whose ancient husband just kicked the bucket and willed her four generations of obscene wealth.
"Honey, I think I'd like to have a desk to write, and I think it should go in the family room where I can access it freely."

Done deal. Two days later, I have a cozy little setup (see above pic) that's all mine! Well, sort of. I've permitted my 5 year old to play games on it, and my hubby can use it if he doesn't feel like going down to the man cave. I'm nice like that.

But it's still mine! I can sit in my leather chair, at my new desk, and feel like a legitimate writer, like a pro. Look at me! My writing environment is professional therefore so am I. See how that works?

So tell me, where do you write? What are the pros and cons of your writing space, and has having your own spot made a difference in how you write?

If you don't have a writing space, would you like one? What would it look like?


  1. LOLOL! You sound JUST like me. I spend $40 every three months for facial care products and I feel horribly guilty every time I throw those two tiny boxes into the cart. That's the only money I spend on myself that isn't necessary... my husband... yeah we won't go there!

    My writing space is a spot on the couch with a TV tray that supports my laptop. *grin*

  2. Too funny!! I like your space and I find it difficult to spend a lot, as well. However, 2 years ago, I ditched the space idea that I had been dying for, AND bought a Macbook. I said to heck with the desk and the space, etc. and said, do what fits myself best. And that's being on the move. I write whenever I can and anywhere I can. I'm glad I did it because I consider myself a free spirit and I am always on the go, so having a space/desk would hinder me more I think. I hate being boxed in and tied down. But that's just me. Of course, serious writing takes time and dedication and one can't do that moving around. So really, it's the idea of being able to get up and go that settles me down. I know, I know, that prob. sounds silly, but I love my mac!