Monday, December 6, 2010

Author Interview: Mike Archer

Interview with Mike Archer, author of the newly released novel, The Mystery Within.

Hi Mike! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi my name is Michael Archer; I was born and raised in East Wenatchee, WA. I have 2 beautiful kids. My son Ian, he is 6 and my new daughter Rion who was born on the 4th of Nov. I started writing my book back in 2004. Finally able to have it completed for people to enjoy it. I continued writing my 2nd and 3rd book of my series. All is needed is for them to be edited and they will be ready for people to enjoy them as well. I wrote these books because I always loved anything to do with Vampires and Werewolves but I didn’t like certain things about them. So I created my own story in the ways I felt they should have been written.

Your novel, The Mystery Within, was just released on Amazon Kindle. What genre is it? What's the story about?

My book is a Mix between Many types of Genre. It is a Suspenseful mystery mixed with fantasy.

A young man named Adelmo Madison was sheltered from the dark secrets that his family harbored. Now, years later he is the successful owner of quaint little book store in the heart of New Orleans with no idea of the danger he is about to face. Until one day a mysterious man enters the bookstore, acting strange. This man opens his world up to a new uncharted territory for Adelmo. This disturbing event shatters his quiet little life as he knows it and broadens his experiences further then he realized.
Nightmares and horrific visions start to haunt Adelmo and he must now start an investigation into his past to uncover the secrets that his family so desperately tried to shield from him at such a young age. Discovery of old journals, belonging to Adelmo’s ancestors, take him on a journey to his home country of Romania where his grandfather and the explanation he has been so desperately searching for awaits him.

Adelmo must now take his place in a long line of protectors and prepare to risk everything to keep the ones he loves from danger. Fighting the unseen enemies, which throws him into danger, Adelmo will do whatever it takes to survive.

Part of your story takes place in Romania. What kind of research did you have to do to make sure you created an authentic setting?

This is the beginning of a series that I have written. This first book is based in New Orleans as well as Romania. I did as much researching as I could to get all the information needed to be able to let the reader feel like I have been to these places. I also chose important landmarks, such as Dracula’s Castle, His birth place, well as where he was buried. There are actual true historical statements that were plugged into the story to give people a feel of some truth to the story I wrote. I figured this would peak peoples interest on wanting to visit these location.

Is this your chosen genre or do you write other genres as well?

I thought about writing other types but this area is what flows easiest for me. So I will stick with this until I get a solid story line for a different type of genre.

When can we expect your next book?

My next book is nearly completed, I am waiting on the funds to allow me to get through the editing process. This is the sequel to my first and its locations are based in New Orleans as well as Germany this time around.

Where can readers find you and your work online? This is my Personal Website. It tells you about my current book. I am in the process of making a buy option but currently the only place you can buy it as of now is Amazon.

Thanks, Mike. Best of luck to you! Check out The Mystery Within.

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