Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back, Moving Forward

2010 was good to me on many levels. Looking back, I see it as a year of growth--perhaps more personal growth than I've experienced in any single year...ever.

Writing has played a large role, mainly because its limited my time so drastically that I had no choice but to shove aside anything that didn't matter. Writing forced me into an emotional and mental de-junking, so to speak.

Anyone who writes understands the emotional toll the art takes and the amount of mental fervor the craft requires. Fiction is a tangible thing when you're the one penning it.

My heart is first for my husband and children, our little family being my main priority. The remainder of my time/love/energy is minimal, so I had to dig deep to decide who/what was deserving of the precious remnants.

Writing, of course, made that short list. As did some friends and family, and I say some with emphasis. Like most everyone, I had a few people to whom I was bonded--by blood or history or marriage--that had nothing to offer me but negativity and hatefulness. I realize how harsh this sounds but, frankly, 2010 gave me the permission not to care.

You see, my heart (along with my plate) is full and, on this New Year's Eve, it is all good. I simply don't have room for the rest. I hold close that which I'm passionate about; I abjure that which I'm not.

Happy New Year to my friends and family. 2011...bring it on!

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