Friday, December 3, 2010

Guest Blogger: Krissy Clowe

A big welcome to today's guest blogger, children's books author, Krissy Clowe.

Krissy Clowe has been writing stories since she was a little girl. She began studying children’s literature in college and graduated with a degree in early childhood education. After being inspired by her students, Krissy decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an author. After several years, late nights with the computer, and rejection letters, Krissy’s dream is finally coming true in January of 2011 when her first picture book, Katie Ling Fashion Queen, will be published with AwareNow Publishing.

When Krissy isn’t writing, she’s playing with her four-month-old son, walking her two dogs, feeding her fish, or being lazy with her husband on the weekends.

People often ask authors “Why do you write? What inspires you?” I would expect very few, if any, to respond “for the money.” For most authors, writing isn’t exactly a lucrative business. I think you’re doing great if you break even once you deduct the cost of stamps, envelopes, and printer ink.

I don’t expect many authors would respond with fame either. I really don’t sit down late at night, after my four-month-old son is sleeping soundly, and type away because I yearn for everyone to know my name. I’m actually a pretty reclusive person. I shy away from the spotlight.

So far, we’ve dabbled in several reasons to write that I and I think many others don’t share. Time to get to the good stuff. The stuff that brightens my eyes and keeps my fingers typing, even in the early morning hours. The stuff that forces me to dive head first into editing and keeps me coming back for more.

I’ve had wild and crazy stories flying around in my head since I was in elementary school. In third grade, I declared my passion for writing and my desire to one day become an author. I wrote fun stories throughout my elementary and middle school years, but lost my creative bug amidst the drudgery research papers in high school.

I was truly inspired after my first year of teaching second grade. One of the most amazing sights in the world is a child excited about reading. It’s also wonderful to see how books can inspire a child to create his or her own beautiful stories. You couldn’t pull me away from the keyboard the following summer.

So, no, I don’t write to become rich and famous. I write to satisfy the ideas racing around my head at night, and I write to help a child escape into an exciting world of imagination. Is there really any better reason?

Krissy Clowe

Thanks, Krissy, for stopping by. Find and "like" Krissy here. Keep your eye out at AwareNow for Krissy's children's picture book, Katie Ling Fashion Queen. Love that title!


  1. Great post! We, who write, do so because we have to. Our souls cry out for it--sometimes louder than we'd like. Much success to you.

  2. I've always felt one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and grandchildren is the love of reading. By making reading fun with different voices and facial expressions, we teach them a lot, even more than the story read. Bless you for contributing to that gift.