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My virtual book tour starts tomorrow, so I've decided to kick things off with a fun post about Brazil. I have all this knowledge, after all, from massive amounts of research--some of which never made it into Eliana and Hale's story--or (surprise!) Bastian and Ainsley's story (let's hope it gets published)--so here's a little taste of the fun and exotic Brazil.

How appropriate that Bonded in Brazil released in the month of March, just a couple weeks after Brazil’s famous, annual street party, Carnival--or Carnaval in Portuguese.

Carnival is Brazil’s biggest and most celebrated holiday. There are floats, parades, music, dancing, bold costumes worn by beautiful women, and lots of beer drinking. So much beer drinking, in fact, that the eight days and nights of intense celebration accounts for more than 80% of Brazil’s yearly consumption. Now that’s a party.

The shows are bright in color, booming with regional rhythms and almost all are entirely interactive, where spectators don’t just watch a performance but become part of it. Carnival makes Mardi Gras look like a designer imposter.

No offense, New Orleans, but you can hardly compete with all that tan, bare flesh or the African-Brazilian beats to which intoxicated bodies pulsate while dressed in glittery, titillating costumes.

Carnival reminds me of the traditional weddings of India, only on a mass scale. Indian weddings are elaborate events, and the bride and groom are often strangers. Their families put on an extravagant several-day celebration with music, sensual food and costuming, parades, shows and Hindu rituals. The intoxicating atmosphere simulates feelings of falling in love for the newly-married strangers, and they’ll go on their honeymoon—pheromones triggered and hormones raging—strongly desiring their new life partner. I like to think of it as metaphorical gift basket filled with beer goggles and a bottle of personal lubrication.

Apparently the Brazilian government agrees that Carnival produces a sexually arousing atmosphere, because they pass out condoms and AIDS literature prior to the happenings—which might be a bit of a mood killer, but nothing beer, wine and a few Caipirinhas (see picture) won’t cure.

And I’ve yet to mention the exotic locale with lush yet dangerous rainforests and some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards and farmlands. Everything about Brazil screams of fertility—the people, the waxes, bikinis, land, green mountains, the Amazon rainforest—the biggest rainforest on the planet, FYI—and agriculture. As ancient art and mythology clearly tells us, fertile is sexy…Brazil is sexy.

Brazil sounds like a great place to be “bonded” in, doesn’t it? Well, not really. More on this unique form of bondage later…

Note: It’s not what you think. It’s also what makes the title of my book so brilliant—thank you very much, Catherine Treadgold, aka Editor Lady.

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