Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dark Wolf Protector Is Released

Cobblestone Press released my paranormal romance e-book yesterday. I’m so excited! And even though I’m a writer, I can’t describe how much fun I had making Dark Wolf Protector. It started as an experiment, really. I’d read dozens and dozens of paranormal books and wanted to see if I could create a comparable dark and sexy story. And I think I did. I love DWP. It’s a great first book in the Love On The Wild Side series.

In addition to successfully experimenting with the paranormal, I threw some fantasy elements into a dream and came up with a badass (imo) ending. I love DWP’s ending. Can you say girl power?

Jaci Waters, the heroine of DWP, sits right at the top of my “favorite-heroines-I’ve-written list.” She’s half Native American, runs an animal rescue out of her home, is funny and sweet, has good old-fashioned manners…and, of course, she’s really pretty. I had a lot of fun writing her point-of-view.

Next Friday, the 25th, Bonded In Brazil releases. My virtual book tour starts soon after, so check back in for a schedule/list of stops. I’ll be giving away some free copies of BIB and DWP.

However, if you’re just hankerin’ to read Dark Wolf Protector and can’t wait a week or two to see if you’ve won a free copy…COOL! You can get your e-copy of DWP for $4.99 by clicking the cover or *here*. It’s not on yet, but you can download the Mobi option, and that’s supposed to be Kindle/Sony Reader compatible.
Thanks for your support and keep your eye out for the next installment of Love On The Wild Side, starring Ian Kingsley from DWP.

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