Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cover Crazy!

Time for another Cover Crazy! post. Cover Crazy is a meme started by The Book Worms and is all about admiring cover artwork.

While seaching for a cover to show off, I ran across books by Tracie Peterson. There are 3 books in her Song of Alaska series, and the covers are so pretty that I couldn't pick just one. So here are all 3 titles for your visual enjoyment.

I love how many elements the artist used when making each cover. Each is put together nicely without appearing too cluttered.
The artist was very clever in how she used the musical instruments. In cover 3, the instrument is used as a frame. In covers 1 and 2, the instruments are art of the scenery. Also very fitting of the titles, don't you think?

I'm curious if the color theme of each cover is symbolic of the main character or general tone of the story. Dawn's Prelude is so feminine and soft. I think of eyelet lace, rose petals, and bubble baths in deep, footed tubs.

Morning's Refrain is serene, like an old wooden rocker by a peaceful lakeside. It makes me think of fresh scents and long cotton dresses.

Twilight's Serenade is rich and warm. I think of dainty teacups and cinnamon sticks, crisp autumn leaves and slow dancing by the fireplace at sunset.


  1. What a great pick! All three covers are gorgeous! Alaska series? I love Alaska! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I will check these books out :)
    Here's my CC: Evie @ Bookish

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  2. I'm not a huge fan of photographic covers, but each of these has some extra special embellishments and elements which make them all far more interesting. I think they are very beautiful - great picks for this weeks CC and welcome to the meme.